Meaning of STREET in English


— streetless , adj. — streetlike , adj.

/street/ , n.

1. a public thoroughfare, usually paved, in a village, town, or city, including the sidewalk or sidewalks.

2. such a thoroughfare together with adjacent buildings, lots, etc.: Houses, lawns, and trees composed a very pleasant street.

3. the roadway of such a thoroughfare, as distinguished from the sidewalk: to cross a street.

4. a main way or thoroughfare, as distinguished from a lane, alley, or the like.

5. the inhabitants or frequenters of a street: The whole street gossiped about the new neighbors.

6. the Street , Informal.

a. the section of a city associated with a given profession or trade, esp. when concerned with business or finance, as Wall Street.

b. the principal theater and entertainment district of any of a number of U.S. cities.

7. on or in the street ,

a. without a home: You'll be out on the street if the rent isn't paid.

b. without a job or occupation; idle.

c. out of prison or police custody; at liberty.

8. up one's street , Brit. See alley 1 (def. 7).


9. of, on, or adjoining a street: a street door just off the sidewalk.

10. taking place or appearing on the street: street fight; street musicians.

11. coarse; crude; vulgar: street language.

12. suitable for everyday wear: street clothes; street dress.

13. retail: the street price of a new computer; the street value of a drug.

[ bef. 900; ME; OE stret, straet; c. D straat, G Strasse; all via ) strata paved (road); see STRATUM ]

Syn. 1. roadway, concourse. STREET, ALLEY, AVENUE, BOULEVARD all refer to public ways or roads in municipal areas. A STREET is a road in a village, town, or city, esp. a road lined with buildings. An ALLEY is a narrow street or footway, esp. at the rear of or between rows of buildings or lots. An AVENUE is properly a prominent street, often one bordered by fine residences and impressive buildings, or with a row of trees on each side.

A BOULEVARD is a beautiful, broad street, lined with rows of stately trees, esp. used as a promenade. In some cities STREET and AVENUE are used interchangeably, the only difference being that those running one direction (say, north and south) are given one designation and those crossing them are given the other.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .