Meaning of THREE in English

[determiner], [pronoun], [noun] - (the number) 3three cats/trees/housesa house with three bedroomsa three-bedroom house"How many children have you got?" "Three (daughters)."Is that number a five or a three?Three-D or three-dimensional means having or appearing to have three dimensions and therefore looking real.The picture had a three-D effect/3-D effect.In a three-legged race the right leg of one person is tied to the left leg of another person and then the two people run together as if they had three legs.In Britain, a three-line whip is an instruction given to Members of Parliament by the leaders of their party telling them they must vote in the way that the party wants them to on a particular subject.A three-piece suit is a matching jacket, trousers and waistcoat (US vest) esp. for men.See picture: Suits(UK) A three-piece suite (US living room suite) is a sofa with two matching chairs.A three-point turn is a method of turning a car round to face the other direction by moving forwards across the road, then backwards in the opposite direction across the road and then forwards again.Three-ply wool has three threads woven together to make one.Three-ply wood has three layers joined together.Three quarters of something is three fourths of it.Three quarters of the book is about the sea voyage.A three-quarter length coat is between the length of a jacket and a coat.(informal) The three Rs means basic education: reading, writing and mathematics.A three-star service/hotel is one of good quality.A three-wheeler is a vehicle with three wheels.

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