Meaning of THREE in English



a father of two/three/four etc (= a man with two, three etc children )

The driver, a father of four, escaped uninjured.

a group of three, four, five etc

There was a group of three at the bar, two men and a woman.

a one in three/four/ten etc chance (= used to say how likely something is )

People in their 30s have a one in 3,000 chance of getting the disease.

a one-shot/two-goal/three point etc lead (= a lead of a specific amount )

Goals by Keane and Lennon gave Tottenham a two-goal lead.

a one/two/three etc minute sth

a ten minute bus ride

a two-thirds/2:1/three to one etc majority

A two-thirds majority in both Houses of Congress is needed to overturn a presidential veto.

an extra ten minutes/three metres etc

I asked for an extra two weeks to finish the work.

an hour/three hours etc ago

He left an hour ago.

an hour/three hours etc earlier/before

I had just seen him a few hours earlier.

an hour/three hours etc later

An hour later she arrived home.

at three o'clock/seven thirty etc on the dot (= at exactly 3:00/7:30 etc )

Mr Green arrived at six on the dot .

be four weeks/three months etc in arrears

The rent money is two months in arrears.

give sb six months/three years etc (= in prison )

The judge gave her two years in prison.

I’ll give you three guesses (= used to tell someone that it should be easy for them to guess the answer to their question )

‘Where is he?’ ‘I’ll give you three guesses.’

last (sb) two days/three weeks etc

A good coat will last you ten years.

Cut flowers will last longer if you put flower food in the water.

mother of two/three etc (= mother of two/three etc children )

Janet is a full-time teacher and a mother of two.

nine out of ten/three out of four etc

Nine out of ten students pass the test first time.

nought point one/two/three etc (= 0.1, 0.2 etc )

part one/two/three etc

The questionnaire is in two parts: part one asks for your personal details and part two asks for your comments on the course.

see you tomorrow/at three/Sunday etc

See you Friday – your place at 8:30.

spend time/three months/six years etc in jail

Griffiths spent three days in jail after pushing a policeman.

split sth three/four etc ways (= share something between three, four etc people or groups )

The money will have to be split three ways.

ten days’/three months’/five minutes’ etc notice

His contract said he must give three months’ notice if he decides to leave the job.

the first two/three/few etc

I only read the first two chapters of the book.

It rained during the first few days of the trip.

three feet/two metres etc in width

It’s about six metres in width.

three quarters of an hour (= forty-five minutes )

The journey takes three quarters of an hour.

three quarters of an hour (= 45 minutes )

She arrived three quarters of an hour late.

three quarters (of sth) (= 75% )

three quarters of a million pounds

three R's

three score years and ten old use (= 70 years, a person’s expected length of life )

three years/two months etc back (= three years ago etc )

His wife died a couple of years back.

He called me a while back .

three/six etc full days/years/pages etc

We devote five full days a month to training.

His pants rose a full three inches off his shoes.

twice/three times etc as many

The company now employs four times as many women as men.

two days/three weeks etc after (sth)

Ten years after he bought the painting, Carswell discovered that it was a fake.

two days/three weeks/five years etc apart

Our birthdays are exactly a month apart.

two days/three years etc previously (= two days, three years etc before )

Six months previously he had smashed up his car.

two goals down/three points down etc

Swindon were six points down at one stage.

two goals up/three points up etc

United were a goal up at half time.

two hours/three days etc long

The speech was twenty minutes long.

two metres/three miles etc long

The bridge is 140 feet long.

two years/three weeks etc later

He became Senator two years later.

two/three etc occasions

He was given a red card on two occasions this season.

two/three/four etc abreast (= with two, three, four etc people or vehicles next to each other )

The planes were flying four abreast.

two/three/four etc billion

3.5 billion years ago

Overseas debt is a staggering £16 billion.

two/three/four etc dozen (= 24, 36, 48 etc )

The number of deaths has risen to more than two dozen.

two/three/four etc hundred

I make nine hundred dollars a week.

a journey of 15 hundred miles

two/three/four etc million

seven million dollars

£37 million of new investment

two/three/four etc thousand

five thousand dollars

The company employs 30 thousand people.

two/three/four etc trillion

$5.3 trillion

Japan’s exports were worth $43 trillion last year.


Formula One/Two/Three etc

And I don't think many people appreciate the physical demands of actually driving a Formula One car, especially through corners.

If the Formula One circus is so bothered about avoiding accidents, why not run the entire race behind the safety car?

It's almost embarrassing the way his Oxfordshire-based team have dominated Formula One this season.

Like its Formula Two counterpart it was removed from the international calendar at the end of 1984.

She knew that in between Formula One obligations he had, amazingly, managed to keep his construction interests afloat.

Villeneuve, who had collided with Ralf Schumacher, gets paid £10MILLION for risking life and limb in Formula One.

a good three miles/ten years etc

a two/three/four etc horse race

The women's competition was a two horse race between last year's winners Surrey and previous champions Essex.

five/three/nine etc years to the day

It's three years to the day since Tony Alliss died from gunshot wounds.

half past one/two/three etc

At half past one the men got up and checked their equipment, gathering several sticks as well.

At half past three he wanted to die, or to kill somebody.

At half past two this morning my wife died.

It was half past three in the morning.

She arrived at the Herald building at half past three, and walked past the uniformed commissionaire to the lift.

The return journey was supposed to start at half past three but there would always be a few people missing.

They'd all been given leaflets about it at half past three.

number one/two/three etc seed

once a week/once every three months etc

one in every three/two in every hundred etc

serve two/three/four etc (people)

After serving two years of her sentence, she was released on probation.

As no man can serve two masters we had long been told no wise general tries to fight on two fronts.

He gave Edberg no chance of breaking him, serving four stunning aces and a massive percentage of first services.

Newton was released after serving two years in prison.

Reagan became the first incumbent to serve two terms in the presidency since Dwight D.. Eisenhower in the 1950s.

She served three consecutive terms from 1877 to 1885, and was noted for her fearlessness and power of debate.

The new managers saw their administrative responsibilities as serving two purposes.

This story serves two important purposes.

split sth two/three etc ways

the three R's

three cheers for sb!

Three cheers for Coach Madison!

three goals/£200 etc to the good

three minutes/ten seconds etc flat

three weeks/two years etc now

three years/five times etc running

to name but a few/a handful/three etc

twice over/three times over etc

two's company, three's a crowd

two's company, three's a crowd

two-headed/three-headed etc

two/three etc deep

A huge goat-hair sack would then be thrown over the saddle, forming two deep pockets either side.

Alison Edwards suffered three deep cuts in her face when she accidentally fell through a shop window.

As it was, I had to stand around a bar packed two and three deep .

Best show ever-me light as a feather and them standing two deep on two levels!

I loved the first hour after the opening bell, when customers gathered three deep and the money poured in.

This had two deep leather armchairs, a big desk with a telephone on it, and books.

Two bulging boxes were stacked two deep on the right and left of the stage.

two/three etc doors away/down/up

Across the world, or two doors down the corridor.

Freda Berkeley misses her and another neighbour, the writer Patrick Kinross, who lived two doors away.

He thanked the colonel for the interview and returned doggedly to his pistol lessons in the basement range two doors away.

He tried the house opposite, and was told two doors down.

I took the keenest pleasure in expelling Phetlock from my old office, two doors down from the Oval.

Mr Potts and the matrons left them in the church and went to stay two doors away, in a hotel.

The guest room's two doors down the corridor.

The second was in another bin beside the Argos showroom two doors away.

two/three etc of a kind

Andrus and he are two of a kind .

I want three of a kind .

In one way, he and Dolly were two of a kind .

They were two of a kind - extroverted and fun-loving.

They were two of a kind , people said.

You and Lady Lavinia, you are two of a kind .

You and me, we're three of a kind .

You have to rotate the trays and try to catch two of a kind consecutively.

two/three strikes against sb/sth

For the younger pilots, I had two strikes against me before I even began that were impossible to overcome.

Generally, unless batters have two strikes against them, Bosley doesn't want them to swing at high strikes.

we're/you're talking £500/three days etc

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