Meaning of TREE in English


[noun] [C] - a tall plant which has a wooden trunk and branches that grow from its upper partThey've got some wonderful plum trees in the back garden.We sat under a tree for shade.This area used to be a massive forest, but all the trees have been cut down to make paper.I climbed (up) that tree once when I was a kid.See also shoetree. Compare bush; shrub.See picture: TreesOther tall plants which do not have wooden trunks are also often referred to as trees.palm treesA tree fern is a large tropical fern (= plant with feathery leaves) with a trunk-like stem.When we were kids we had a tree house (= small building among the branches of a tree) where we used to play for hours.The environmental protestors had built tree-houses in the trees, which blocked the way of the road builders.A tree-lined road is one that has trees on both sides of it.A tree ring (also annual ring, growth ring) is one of the rings that you can see in a tree trunk if you cut through it, which shows one year's growth.

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