Meaning of WASHING in English


[noun] [U]The washing (US also The wash) is the act of washing clothes.Doing the washing is such a bore!I'd hate to have twins - imagine all that washing!Washing (US also Wash) also refers to clothes, sheets, etc. that need to be or have just been washed.Would you believe he still takes all his washing home for his mother to do!I'm just going to hang/peg out the washing.See picture: CleaningA washing machine is a machine for washing clothes, sheets and other cloth items.a front/top-loading washing machineCould you empty/load the washing machine, please?See picture: Cleaning(UK and ANZ) Washing-up (US Dishes) refers either to the act of cleaning plates, pans, knives and forks, etc., or to the items needing to be washed.You do the washing-up and I'll do the drying.There's an enormous pile of washing-up in the sink.(UK and ANZ) Washing-up liquid (US Dish liquid) is a thick liquid detergent which is added to hot water when washing pans, knives and forks, etc.(UK and ANZ) Washing powder/liquid (US and ANZ laundry detergent) is a detergent in the form of a powder or liquid which is used for washing clothes and other cloth items.biological washing powderSee picture: Cleaning

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