Meaning of ASSOCIATION in English




the quality or state of being associated

worked in close association with the courts

Synonyms: affiliation, alliance, cahoots, combination, conjointment, conjunction, connection, hookup, partnership, tie-up, togetherness

Related Word: coaction, collaboration, concert, cooperation, teamwork; conviviality, gaiety, joviality, sociability

Contrasted words: aloofness, apartness, disjunction, disunion, isolation, separation

Antonyms: disassociation, dissociation


an organization of persons sharing a common interest or purpose

a buyers' association

Synonyms: brotherhood, club, congress, fellowship, fraternity, guild, league, order, society, sodality, union

Related Word: alliance, axis, bloc, coalition, federation, organization; faction, interest, sect, wing; combine, gang, machine, ring


Synonyms: league 4, circuit, conference, loop, wheel


something (as a feeling or recollection) associated in the mind with a particular person or thing

the thought of her childhood home always carried an association of loving warmth

Synonyms: connotation, hint, implication, overtone, suggestion, undertone

Related Word: image, picture, vision; appearance, fantasy, illusion, mirage

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