Meaning of ASSOCIATION in English


— associational , adj.

/euh soh'see ay"sheuhn, -shee-/ , n.

1. an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure.

2. the act of associating or state of being associated.

3. friendship; companionship: Their close association did not last long.

4. connection or combination.

5. the connection or relation of ideas, feelings, sensations, etc.; correlation of elements of perception, reasoning, or the like.

6. an idea, image, feeling, etc., suggested by or connected with something other than itself; an accompanying thought, emotion, or the like; an overtone or connotation: My associations with that painting are of springlike days.

7. Ecol. a group of plants of one or more species living together under uniform environmental conditions and having a uniform and distinctive aspect.

8. Chem. a weak form of chemical bonding involving aggregation of molecules of the same compound.

9. See touch football .

10. Astron. See stellar association .

[ 1525-35; ( association- (s. of associatio ). See ASSOCIATE, -ION ]

Syn. 1. alliance, union; society, company; band. 3. fellowship.

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