Meaning of AGED in English

n. Function: adjective

1 being in the declining phase of life FF1C; aged pensioners FF1E;

Synonyms: ancient, elderly, old, olden

Related Words: pensioned (off), retired, superannuated; senior; hoary, patriarchal, venerable; doddering, senescent, senile, tottery

Idioms: along in years, getting on, getting on ( or along) in years, gray with age, on one's last legs, stricken with years

Contrasted Words: juvenile, puerile

Antonyms: youthful


Synonyms: ANCIENT 1, age-old, antediluvian, antique, hoary, Noachian, old, timeworn, venerable


Synonyms: RIPE 3, matured, mellow, ripened

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