Meaning of CLEVER in English

adj. Function: adjective


Synonyms: SKILLFUL 2, adroit, good, pretty, ||skilly, wicked, workmanlike, workmanly


Synonyms: DEXTEROUS 1, adroit, deft, handy, neat-handed, nimble


Synonyms: INTELLIGENT 2, alert, brainy, bright, brilliant, knowing, quick-witted, ready-witted, sharp, smart

Related Words: apt, prompt, quick, ready; able, capable, competent; all-around, many-sided, versatile

Idioms: quick as a flash, sharp ( or smart) as a whip

Contrasted Words: asinine, fatuous, foolish, simple

Antonyms: dull

4 highly skilled in devising or contriving FF1C; very clever about getting her own way FF1E;

Synonyms: adroit, canny, ||coony, cunning, dexterous, ingenious, ||sleighty, slim, sly; compare SKILLFUL 2

Related Words: able, adept, expert, handy, masterly, proficient, skilled, skillful; capable, competent, qualified; crafty, deceitful, slick, tricky

Contrasted Words: awkward, clumsy, gauche, inept, maladroit; dilatory, laggard, slow, sluggish; incapable, incompetent, inept, unqualified

5 pleasing because of aptness, sparkle, and usually wit FF1C; delighted her audience with a series of clever comparisons FF1E;

Synonyms: good, scintillating, smart, sprightly

Related Words: bright, brilliant, coruscating, dazzling, sparkling; piquant, racy, salty; fanciful, whimsical; amusing, entertaining, pleasing; facetious, funny, humorous, witty; laughable, risible

Contrasted Words: drab, dull, humdrum, monotonous, stodgy; barren, empty, inane; fatuous, pointless; absurd, foolish, nonsensical, ridiculous

Antonyms: stupid

Merriam Webster. Collegiate thesaurus English dictionary.      Английский энциклопедический толковый словарь тезауруса.