Meaning of GENERAL in English

n. Function: adjective

1 conforming to what is expected in the ordinary course of events FF1C; the general problems of everyday life FF1E;

Synonyms: common, commonplace, matter-of-course, natural, normal, prevalent, regular, run-of-the-mill, typic, typical, usual

Related Words: everyday, popular; familiar, universal; habitual, humdrum, routine, uneventful

Contrasted Words: abnormal, extraordinary, irregular, novel, strange, unexpected, unforeseeable, unusual

2 belonging or relating to the whole FF1C; a general change in the weather FF1E;

Synonyms: common, generic, universal

Related Words: natural, normal, regular, typical; broad, inclusive, wide

Contrasted Words: individual, particular, special; characteristic, distinctive, peculiar


Synonyms: ALL-AROUND 2, comprehensive, global, inclusive, overall, sweeping


Synonyms: PUBLIC 4, popular, vulgar

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