Meaning of HARMONY in English

n. Function: noun

1 musical agreement of sounds FF1C; singing in harmony FF1E;

Synonyms: accord, chorus, concert, concord, consonance, tune

Related Words: mellifluousness, melodiousness, melody, musicality, sonority, tunefulness; diapason, polyphony

Contrasted Words: cacophony, discord, discordance, discordancy, dissonance, harshness, inharmoniousness, jangle, stridency, tunelessness, unharmoniousness, unmusicalness, untunefulness; atonality

Antonyms: disharmony, inharmony

2 the effect produced when different things come together without clashing or disagreement FF1C; goals that are in harmony with our capabilities FF1E;

Synonyms: accord, agreement, chime, concord, concordance, consonance, tune; compare CONSISTENCY

Related Words: conformance, conformity, correspondence; articulation, coaptation, compatibility, congruity; concatenation, concurrence, integration, oneness, togetherness, unity

Contrasted Words: disagreement, discord, disparity, dissidence, disunity, variance

Antonyms: conflict

3 the state of persons who are in full and perfect agreement FF1C; friends who live in harmony FF1E;

Synonyms: concord, rapport, unity

Related Words: affinity, empathy, fellow-feeling, kinship; peace, tranquillity

Idioms: meeting of minds

Contrasted Words: contention, dissension, strife

Antonyms: discord


Synonyms: SYMMETRY , balance, proportion

Related Words: concinnity, consonance; dignity, elegance, grace; integrity, unity

Contrasted Words: asymmetry, discordance, discordancy, imbalance

Antonyms: inharmony

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