Meaning of SPURIOUS in English


adj. Function: adjective


Synonyms: ILLEGITIMATE 1, baseborn, bastard, fatherless, misbegotten, natural, supposititious, unfathered


Synonyms: ARTIFICIAL 2, dummy, ersatz, false, imitation, mock, sham, simulated, substitute

3 of doubtful authenticity FF1C; claimed they had bought a spurious painting FF1E;

Synonyms: apocryphal, bastard, unauthentic, ungenuine; compare ARTIFICIAL 2 , COUNTERFEIT

Related Words: bogus, counterfeit, fake, phony, pseudo, sham; false, unreal

Idioms: not what ( or all) it's cracked up to be

Contrasted Words: actual, real, true; bona fide, genuine, veritable

Antonyms: authentic


Synonyms: ARTIFICIAL 3, affected, assumed, feigned, put-on

Related Words: make-believe, pretend, pretended, pseudo


Synonyms: COUNTERFEIT , bogus, brummagem, fake, false, phony, pinchbeck, pseudo, sham, snide

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