Meaning of SPURIOUS in English




a spurious smile

A jury has rejected the spurious claim that the police created evidence.


Also it would permit additions, such as image processing, with a prospect of eliminating spurious subject material in software.

As a label it conveys a sense of purpose and purveys an often spurious impression of coherence and integrity in working relationships.

Because the novel is written mainly in dialogue, a spurious impression was given that it would be easy to adapt.

But for all the spurious emphasis on homogeneity, there are also moments when everyone becomes a gaijin, an outsider.

Experiments involve a spurious association between the novel food and the illness which is usually induced chemically or by X-rays.

It is sensitive to slight movements of the camera, subject or reference strip and will sometimes trigger spurious diagnostics.

This authorisation could, of course, be spurious and be disguising condoned truancy.

We now know that the strength of that original relationship contained a spurious component.

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