Meaning of VISIT in English

n. Function: verb


Synonyms: INFLICT 2, force (on or upon), impose, wreak, wreck

Related Words: afflict, bother, pain, trouble; avenge, punish

Idioms: bring down upon

2 to make a social call upon FF1C; visited friends briefly in the evening FF1E;

Synonyms: call, come by, come over, drop (in or by), look in, look up, pop (in), run in, see, step in, stop (in or by)

3 to reside with temporarily as a guest FF1C; visited with friends in the country for a few weeks FF1E;

Synonyms: sojourn, stay, stop (over), tarry

Related Words: frequent; reside


Synonyms: CONVERSE , chat, chin, colloque, talk, yarn

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