Meaning of VISIT in English


I. ˈvizə̇t, usu -ə̇d.+V verb

( visited -zə̇d.ə̇d, -z(ə̇)tə̇d ; visited ; visiting -zə̇d.iŋ, -z(ə̇)tiŋ ; visits )

Etymology: Middle English visiten, from Old French visiter, from Latin visitare to go to see, visit, freq. of visere to look at, go to see, from vidēre to see — more at wit

transitive verb


a. archaic : to come to or upon as a spiritual help : comfort — used of the deity

visit us with Thy salvation — Charles Wesley


(1) : to bring trouble or harm to : afflict — usually used with with

visited his people with distempers — Tobias Smollett

(2) : inflict , impose — usually used with on or upon

visited his wrath upon them

visited everlasting grief on many people because of a few rash words — T.B.Costain

the court visits all costs on them — H.J.Laski


(1) : to take vengeance for : avenge

visit the sins of the fathers upon the children

(2) obsolete : to move vengefully against : come at

ere the king dismiss his power, he means to visit us — Shakespeare

(3) : to exact retribution for : punish

now will he … visit their sins — Hos 8:13 (Authorized Version)

the legislature visited the action with censure

d. : to present itself to or come over momentarily

visited by a strange notion

the surprise which visited me when I saw the blood — R.P.Warren


a. : to go to see and care for as a charitable work : minister to

visiting the sick of the parish


(1) : to go to attend (a patient) — used especially of a physician

(2) : to go to see (as a physician or dentist) for professional service


a. : to make a social call upon

visited friends in the early evening

b. : to reside with temporarily as a guest : stay with

visited a colleague for a week at his summer home

c. : to have sexual relations with

d. : to frequent temporarily

many migratory birds visit these shores annually


a. : to go to see or sojourn at (a place) for a particular purpose (as for business, pleasure, or sight-seeing)

what local points of interest they should visit — Dana Burnet

a medicinal spring … frequently visited by invalids — American Guide Series: New Hampshire

b. : to go to (a place of business) on an errand

enough time to visit the stores before dinner


a. obsolete : to come to observe or test the spiritual state of — used of the deity

God often descends to visit men unseen — John Milton

b. : to go or come officially to oversee or correct the operation of : inspect

a bishop visiting his diocese

a congressional committee visiting a military base

a department head visiting classrooms

c. archaic : to make an official examination of (as baggage or a ship and its cargo) : search

intransitive verb

1. obsolete : to make an official inspection


a. : to make a call

spends most of her afternoons visiting

b. : to stay as a guest

visits here for a month in every year

3. : to carry on casual conversation : chat

let's sit here and visit together for a while

visiting with a neighbor on the telephone

4. : to progress around the set with a figure in square dancing

II. noun

( -s )


a. : a short stay (as for sociability or friendship) that is usually longer than a social call

make a visit

a visit with friends

pay a visit

return a visit

suburban housewives spending their afternoons in visits and card playing

b. : a brief residence as a guest

a weekend visit with friends

c. : an extended but temporary stay : sojourn

his annual summer visits abroad


a. : a journey to and stay or short sojourn at a place for a particular purpose

a visit to a museum

a ship's visit to a port

a visit to a neighboring town

an educational visit to a steel mill

visits to points of historical interest

b. : a brief stop on an errand or for a business purpose

telephoned between visits to the stores

a salesman's visit to a firm

repeated visits to theatrical agencies



(1) : a professional call (as of a physician to treat a patient)

paid the doctor for three home visits

(2) : a pastoral call by a clergyman on a parishioner

met the minister returning from his afternoon visits

b. : a call upon a professional man (as a physician or dentist) for consultation or treatment

urged to make regular visits to his dentist

4. : an official call or tour (as for supervision or inspection) : visitation

a visit by a national officer to the local chapter of a fraternal order

a committee of trustees on a visit to a university

5. : an official examination or search (as of goods or cargo) ; specifically : the act of a naval officer of one state in boarding a neutral merchant vessel of another state in the exercise of the right of search

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