Meaning of CAP in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ kæp ]

( caps, capping, capped)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


A cap is a soft, flat hat with a curved part at the front which is called a peak. Caps are usually worn by men and boys.

...a dark blue baseball cap.

N-COUNT : oft supp N


A cap is a special hat which is worn as part of a uniform.

...a frontier guard in olive-grey uniform and a peaked cap.

N-COUNT : oft supp N


If a sports player is capped , they are chosen to represent their country in a team game such as football, rugby, or cricket. ( BRIT )

Rees, 32, has been capped for England 23 times.

...England’s most capped rugby union player.

VERB : usu passive , be V-ed , V-ed


If a sports player represents their country in a team game such as football, rugby, or cricket, you can say that they have been awarded a cap . ( BRIT )

Mark Davis will win his first cap for Wales in Sunday’s Test match against Australia.



If the government caps an organization, council, or budget, it limits the amount of money that the organization or council is allowed to spend, or limits the size of the budget.

The Secretary of State for Environment has the power to cap councils which spend excessively...

VERB : V n


The cap of a bottle is its lid.

She unscrewed the cap of her water bottle and gave him a drink.



A cap is a circular rubber device that a woman places inside her vagina to prevent herself from becoming pregnant. ( BRIT )



If someone says that a good or bad event caps a series of events, they mean it is the final event in the series, and the other events were also good or bad. ( JOURNALISM )

The unrest capped a weekend of right-wing attacks on foreigners.

VERB : V n


If someone’s teeth are capped , covers are fixed over them so that they look better.

He suddenly smiled, revealing teeth that had recently been capped...

I had my teeth capped.

VERB : usu passive , be V-ed , have n V-ed


see also ice cap

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