Meaning of CHECK in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ tʃek ]

( checks, checking, checked)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If you check something such as a piece of information or a document, you make sure that it is correct or satisfactory.

Check the accuracy of everything in your CV...

I think there is an age limit, but I’d have to check...

She hadn’t checked whether she had a clean ironed shirt...

He checked that he had his room key...

I shall need to check with the duty officer.

VERB : V n , V , V wh , V that , V with n

see also cross-check

Check is also a noun.

He is being constantly monitored with regular checks on his blood pressure.

...a security check.

N-COUNT : usu with supp


If you check on someone or something, you make sure they are in a safe or satisfactory condition.

He decided to check on things at the warehouse.

VERB : V on n


If you check something that is written on a piece of paper, you put a mark, like a V with the right side extended, next to it to show that something is correct or has been selected or dealt with. ( AM; in BRIT, usually use tick )

Frequently, men who check answer (b) have not actually had the experience of being repeatedly rejected by women.

VERB : V n


To check something, usually something bad, means to stop it from spreading or continuing.

Sex education is also expected to help check the spread of AIDS.

= curb

VERB : V n


If you check yourself or if something checks you, you suddenly stop what you are doing or saying.

He was about to lose his temper but checked himself in time...

I held up one finger to check him.

VERB : V pron-refl , V n


When you check your luggage at an airport, you give it to an official so that it can be taken on to your plane.

We arrived at the airport, checked our baggage and wandered around the gift shops...

VERB : V n

To check in your luggage means the same as to check it.

They checked in their luggage and found seats in the departure lounge.

PHRASAL VERB : V P n (not pron) , also V n P


The check in a restaurant is a piece of paper on which the price of your meal is written and which you are given before you pay. ( mainly AM; in BRIT, use bill )

= bill



In a game of chess, you say check when you are attacking your opponent’s king.



A pattern of squares, usually of two colours, can be referred to as checks or a check .

Styles include stripes and checks.

...a red and white check dress.

N-COUNT : oft N n


If something or someone is held in check or is kept in check , they are controlled and prevented from becoming too great or powerful.

Life on Earth will become unsustainable unless population growth is held in check...

PHRASE : V inflects


A check is the same as a cheque . ( AM )


see also double-check , rain check , spot check

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