Meaning of -ED in English


Pronounced /-ɪd/ after /t/ or /d/, and /-t/ after one of the following sounds: /p, f, θ, s, tʃ, ʃ, k/. In other cases, it is pronounced /-d/.


-ed is added to verbs to form their past tense or their past participle. If the verb ends in e, one of the e’s is dropped. If the verb ends in y, the y is usually changed to i.

I posted the letter...

He danced well...

‘I quite understand,’ he replied.



-ed is added to nouns to form adjectives that describe someone or something as having a particular feature or features.

...a fat, bearded man.

...coloured flags.



-ed is added to nouns or verbs combined with other words, to form compound adjectives.

...a cone-shaped container...

He wore green-tinted glasses.


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