Meaning of -ED in English


[-ed] vb suffix or adj suffix [ME, fr. OE -ed, -od, -ad; akin to OHG -t, pp. ending, L -tus, Gk -tos, suffix forming verbals] 1--used to form the past participle of regular weak verbs "ended" "faded" "tried" "patted" 2--used to form adjectives of identical meaning from Latin-derived adjectives ending in -ate "crenulated" 3 a: having: characterized by "cultured" "two-legged" b: having the characteristics of "bigoted"

[2]-ed vb suffix [ME -ede, -de, fr. OE -de, -ede, -ode, -ade; akin to OHG -ta, past ending (1st sing.) and prob. to OHG -t, pp. ending]--used to form the past tense of regular weak verbs "judged" "denied" "dropped"

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