Meaning of INTERFACE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ɪntə(r)feɪs ]

( interfaces, interfacing, interfaced)


The interface between two subjects or systems is the area in which they affect each other or have links with each other.

...a witty exploration of that interface between bureaucracy and the working world.



If you refer to the user interface of a particular piece of computing software, you are talking about its presentation on screen and how easy it is to operate. ( COMPUTING )

...the development of better user interfaces.

N-COUNT : usu n N


In computing and electronics, an interface is an electrical circuit which links one machine, especially a computer, with another. ( TECHNICAL )



If one thing interfaces with another, or if two things interface , they have connections with each other. If you interface one thing with another, you connect the two things. ( TECHNICAL or FORMAL )

...the way we interface with the environment...

The different components all have to interface smoothly...

He had interfaced all this machinery with a master computer.

V-RECIP : V with n , pl-n V , V n with n , also V pl-n

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