Meaning of INTERFACE in English


I. ˈintə(r)+ˌ- noun

Etymology: inter- + face

1. : a plane or other surface forming a common boundary of two bodies or spaces

passage of interfaces of the diametrically opposed air masses — Year Book of General Medicine

the interface between two separate types of oil flowing along a pipeline — Canadian Banker

heat transfer at an air-earth interface — J.E.Vehrencamp

2. : the boundary between two phases in a heterogeneous physical-chemical system

the boundary between … two phases is designated as an interface , although the term surface is often used with a general meaning which includes all types of interfaces — W.D.Harkins

— compare surface 1

II. |intə(r)+ transitive verb

Etymology: inter- + face

: to make (a garment) with an interfacing

III. noun

1. : the place at which two independent and often unrelated systems meet and act upon or communicate with each other

the interface between engineering and science

the man-machine interface

2. : the means by which interaction or communication is achieved at an interface

install an interface between a computer and a typesetting machine

IV. ˈintə(r)ˌˌ- transitive verb

1. : to connect by means of an interface

interface a machine with a computer

2. : to serve as an interface for

intransitive verb

1. : to become interfaced

a system that interfaces with a computer

2. : to interact or coordinate harmoniously

the computer technicians … interface with the flight controllers — H.S.F.Cooper, Jr.

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