Meaning of NOISY in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ nɔɪzi ]

( noisier, noisiest)


A noisy person or thing makes a lot of loud or unpleasant noise. noisy old typewriter...

His daughter was very active and noisy in the mornings.

≠ quiet


• noisi‧ly

The students on the grass bank cheered noisily...

She sat by the window, noisily gulping her morning coffee.

ADV : usu ADV with v , also ADV adj


A noisy place is full of a lot of loud or unpleasant noise.

It’s a noisy place with film clips showing constantly on one of the cafe’s giant screens...

The baggage hall was crowded and noisy...

≠ quiet, peaceful



If you describe someone as noisy , you are critical of them for trying to attract attention to their views by frequently and forcefully discussing them.

...the noisy and unpopular fringe groups that are attempting to change the culture of their society.

= strident

ADJ [ disapproval ]

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