Meaning of NOISY in English




a noisy eater (= someone who makes unpleasant noises with their mouth as they eat )

I can't stand noisy eaters!




The staff had heard it before on numerous occasions but nothing as severe or as noisy as on this particular night.

The air was not as noisy as I thought it would be.

Noisy environment Quite justifiably, hospitals have been labelled as noisy environments.

It may not be as noisy as an old dot-matrix, but you could easily find its sound levels disturbing and intrusive.

The camp was a most as noisy as the point of work had been during the day.


Their late-night shouting match was so noisy it kept staff awake.

What makes a tree so noisy ?

It's funny, Paula's so noisy , yet Graham is the most silent boy you could ever imagine.

Getting closer, the swarm was so noisy it sounded like a war all by itself.

It was so noisy and she couldn't see Lais anywhere.

Because the cafés were so noisy and crowded, we had started working on our poems in my room at the Colegio.

It's just so noisy in here.

It was quiet, but perhaps that was because their entrance had been so noisy .


It was too noisy , and the noise was not aircraft engines.

Ninth Avenue was too noisy for him.

The nurse in charge, as coldly white as the bed and the room, said they were too noisy .

Then the artists have to move out because it's too noisy and expensive.

Living at the county jail in downtown Sacramento, he said the area around his cell was too noisy to sleep.

The kettle was getting too noisy by half.

The other home was still too noisy .


There's no real music there, it's a late-night disco and very noisy , too!

Hercules became very happy and very drunk and very noisy .

I was sad to see the martins go, even though they had often been very noisy at night and kept me awake.

It was very noisy in the Stratocruise that night, the usual Friday crowd.

The Stevens brothers, who had built up Garth Enterprises, got very drunk and very noisy .

There, every morning soon after dawn, two pigeons performed an elaborate and very noisy mating dance.

Then there's the enclosures which are very noisy and you just have to hope you've won.

Mezzo is big, busy and very noisy .



He was never hesitant or nervous, even before the largest and noisiest crowds .

It was a vast place, a noisy crowd .

There were queues outside now - a young and noisy crowd .

Few of all the noisy crowd around knew of the change that had taken place.

Starlings usually come in a noisy crowd , sparrows in twos and threes, while the robin is more often alone.


Bars are too smoky and noisy .

People started to complain about his noisy motorbike.

The nightclub was crowded and noisy .

The place was full of noisy teenagers.

Their lives are being ruined by noisy neighbours.


Noisy Environments: speech recognition is made difficult if interference is created by noisy machinery or extraneous conversations.

All among the trees, the birds are thick as thieves and noisy as conventioneers.

I could sense the tension in the court as neighbours sought to give opinions to each other in noisy whispers.

The night was noisy with its own nocturnal sounds.

They are tame and noisy and build seaweed nests in the casuarina trees along the shores.

This idea of happiness was set among wood shavings in a noisy workshop.

This often occurs in a phobic situation, such as a crowded noisy room, or under circumstances of tension.

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