Meaning of PARTIAL in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ pɑ:(r)ʃ(ə)l ]


You use partial to refer to something that is not complete or whole.

...a partial ban on the use of cars in the city.

...partial blindness.

ADJ : usu ADJ n


If you are partial to something, you like it.

He’s partial to sporty women with blue eyes...

ADJ : v-link ADJ to n / -ing

• par‧tial‧ity

He has a great partiality for chocolate biscuits.

= fondness

N-UNCOUNT : oft N for n


Someone who is partial supports a particular person or thing, for example in a competition or dispute, instead of being completely fair.

I might be accused of being partial...

= biased

≠ impartial

ADJ : v-link ADJ

• par‧tial‧ity

She is criticized by some others for her one-sidedness and partiality.

= bias

≠ impartiality


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