Meaning of PARTIAL in English




a partial eclipse (= one in which the Sun or Moon is not completely hidden )

A partial eclipse of the Sun will occur on August 28th.

partial compensation (= partly covering your loss, damage etc )

The woman received partial compensation of £5,000.




It's only partial , fortunately, but that may change.

Since the obstruction may sometimes be only partial and not complete, then this description would be somewhat altered.

The failure may be only partial .

But his relatedness was only partial .

To obtain such information is costly and there are people or groups with an incentive to provide only partial or distorted information.

The comparison was only partial , since we considered only a selection of possible stylistic variants.


The centrepiece of the programme - Denazification - was, however, only a very partial success.

The problem is that, as with any morality tale, this is a very partial truth.

A child's view of the older generation is clearly very partial .

The inclusion of the subordinate classes in the political sphere is very partial .

Yet this is of course only a very partial view of what these sociologists were attempting.

Even the rulers of this planet of Stalinvast, luxuriating high up in their hives, must take a very partial view.



Let me give you a partial answer for the moment.

Chronology could deliver only a partial answer .

But partial answers can be defended.

We have explored a number of approaches which each give a partial answer to that question.

There are, however, some general questions to which at least a partial answer can be given.

I do not think we can answer that question adequately yet, though partial answers can be proffered.

Scoring the soil film thereby allowing cleaning agent to penetrate to the substance and work from underneath is a partial answer .

A partial answer can be found in the biblical tale of Joseph.


These will include maintaining the status quo, retaining hunting with new restrictions, a partial ban , and a total ban.


When President Clinton vetoes partial birth abortion, then Sen.

Clinton on April 10 vetoed a bill that would have banned so-called partial birth abortions.


In addition there are two cross-overs in mid-Channel to allow partial closure of the tunnel for maintenance purposes.

Most corporate headquarters and bank branches in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were open Tuesday after partial closures yesterday.


This account has so far been in partial equilibrium terms.

Partial Equilibrium Analysis Let us first return to the partial equilibrium model of section 5.

Originally presented in terms of partial equilibrium analysis, it has been extended in two principal directions.

In this case the home country exports good 1, just as in the partial equilibrium model discussed in the previous section.

In other words, we may continue with a partial equilibrium framework.

From the standpoint of the partial equilibrium analysis of the employment impact, the role of foreign trade emerged as especially important.

The implications for less partial equilibrium behaviour are less clear.

As the partial equilibrium analysis suggested, a procompetitive effect, with monopolistic industries expanding, is expected from trade.


But corruption is only a partial explanation of some of the key strategic decisions taken by the governments.

But all of them are at best partial explanations .

A partial explanation for this may again be found in the 1925 precedent.

Is not a partial explanation the effectiveness of government?

However, this is only a partial explanation .


Scores of economic reports have been delayed in recent weeks because of the partial government shutdown.

Gramm suggested recently that the partial government shutdown was evidence that furloughed federal workers were unnecessary.

That could lead to a third partial government shutdown, if a compromise on spending limits can not be reached.

Failure to reach compromises on spending in 1995 and 1996 triggered two partial government shutdowns.

The House voted against a measure, approved by the Senate, to end the 19-day partial government shutdown.

The partial government shutdown derived from the budget stalemate will reach three weeks this Friday.

Newt Gingrich broke a vital trust when he forced the partial government shutdown for three weeks over Christmas of 1995.

Breakdowns in negotiations led to two partial government shutdowns.


Another group received partial information about the events described in the passage.

Larger lexicons also result in more than 100 words matching the partial information more often.


And those represent merely a partial list .


A literal translation is given of the Arabic themes to highlight the partial loss of orientation through discontinuity of theme.

His partial loss had lessened his enjoyment of music, which was one of his greatest pleasures.


A partial offer document is, therefore, a more time-consuming document to prepare.

A partial offer is an offer made to all shareholders to buy a proportion of their shares.

A comparison of partial offers and tender offers is contained in para 4.8 below.


This is known as Dalton's law of partial pressures .

The partial pressure of a component gas can be calculated if the masses of the component gases in a container are known.

Arterial partial pressure of oxygen was 10.8 kPa.

State Dalton's law of partial pressures and show how it may be derived from the ideal gas equation.

Accordingly, we tested the hypothesis that postoperative pain decreases subcutaneous oxygen partial pressure .

When temperature is increased, the partial pressures of both components and the total vapour pressure of the mixture increase.


Procrastination or partial responses are powerful weapons.


The clinical presentation of complex partial seizures is diverse and includes psychiatric, motor, and somatic signs and symptoms.

The control of the partial seizures was significantly better with carbamazepine than with phenobarbital, phenytoin, or primidone.

The psychiatric symptoms of complex partial seizures are said to be indistinguishable from those of true psychiatric disorders.

Carbamazepine is the drug of first choice in partial seizures and partial seizures secondarily generalized.

Lindsay etal reported that 36% of children with complex partial seizures had interictal rage attacks.

About 30% of patients with complex partial seizures have a family history of epilepsy.

A brief period of loss of contact as in complex partial seizures . 5.


The 21-day partial shutdown of government that ended last week delayed jobless claims and payroll reports.

The budget clash resulted in a partial shutdown at the passport agency.


One partial solution to the problem is to exploit polarisation.

This is where foreigners come into the cafeteria and provide a partial solution .

Fundholding only a partial solution Early experience with the fundholding scheme has shown that general practitioners can be effective purchasers of care.

As a partial solution , Combined Fleet decided to resort to a special stratagem that had already worked successfully once before.

Both systems were faced with a combinatorial explosion of partial solutions since the input data matched very many rules or partial descriptions.

Backwards Pruning One way to define a sub-tree is to reduce the depth to a partial solution .

They are, however, only a partial solution to the problem.

The more constrained the grammar the greater the reduction in the number of incorrect partial solutions .


The centrepiece of the programme - Denazification - was, however, only a very partial success .

Anticonvulsants such as carbamazepine and phenytoin have been tried with partial success .

Whatever may have prompted Caesar to carry out his expeditions, their partial success was accepted in Rome as a definite conquest.

The best Clinton can hope for is partial success .

The following study of Owen may perhaps be regarded as only a partial success .

Students received a certificate only if they successfully completed the whole course: partial success was not formally certificated.

On this test, Thatcherism has achieved a partial success .


On the other hand, the other partial theories depend on quantum mechanics in an essential way.


The term ideology refers to a set of ideas which present only a partial view of reality.

One is that each theory represents only a partial view of the 183 whole.

However, the emphasis on structural constraints and formal controls provides only a partial view .

All but a few seats have a partial view .

But we have had two partial views .

This leads him to offer a somewhat partial view of Foucault's important work.

Yet this is of course only a very partial view of what these sociologists were attempting.

Even the rulers of this planet of Stalinvast, luxuriating high up in their hives, must take a very partial view .


Once the tank is up and running water quality should be maintained by regular partial water changes of 20-30% each week.

Once a week a partial water change is carried out - with care not to remove any fry.

Syphon out any excess as a partial water change, before restarting the filter.

It died suddenly in the morning after a careful partial water change.

Salt does not break down or decompose in the pond - it is diluted by partial water changes.

From this point, partial water changes.

A quick partial water change will often effect an improvement in a matter of hours.


partial disability

a partial solution to the problem

At best, the mission was a partial success.

From where I was standing, I had a partial view of the house.

This is only a partial solution to the problem.

Wade received only partial compensation for her injuries.


After its partial recovery in the middle 1920s, the Edinburgh printing trade was hit by the depression.

But what is constituted by consciousness is the at least partial discernment of limitation.

Just imagine the hippocampus playing back a partial spatiotemporal pattern to the cortex-maybe a fragment of something from the previous week.

Let me give you a partial answer for the moment.

The ruling entitled objectors to a partial refund, based on the percentage of the overall fee that supported such activities.

The term ideology refers to a set of ideas which present only a partial view of reality.

Their own spontaneously appointed stewards kept the demonstration orderly and on arrival at their destination they won a partial victory.

This low pressure made a partial vacuum above the liquid.

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