Meaning of PASTE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ peɪst ]

( pastes, pasting, pasted)


Paste is a soft, wet, sticky mixture of a substance and a liquid, which can be spread easily. Some types of paste are used to stick things together.

Blend a little milk with the custard powder to form a paste.

...wallpaper paste.



Paste is a soft smooth mixture made of crushed meat, fruit, or vegetables. You can, for example, spread it onto bread or use it in cooking.

...tomato paste. paste sandwiches.



If you paste something on a surface, you put glue or paste on it and stick it on the surface.

...pasting labels on bottles...

Activists pasted up posters criticizing the leftist leaders.

VERB : V n prep , V n with adv


Paste is a hard shiny glass that is used for making imitation jewellery.

...paste emeralds.

N-UNCOUNT : oft N n


see also pasting

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