Meaning of PASTE in English


noun the mineral substance in which other minerals are imbedded.

2. paste ·vt to unite with paste; to fasten or join by means of paste.

3. paste ·noun specifically, in cookery, a dough prepared for the crust of pies and the like; pastry dough.

4. paste ·noun a soft confection made of the inspissated juice of fruit, licorice, or the like, with sugar, ·etc.

5. paste ·noun a soft composition, as of flour moistened with water or milk, or of earth moistened to the consistence of dough, as in making potter's ware.

6. paste ·noun a highly refractive vitreous composition, variously colored, used in making imitations of precious stones or gems. ·see strass.

7. paste ·noun a kind of cement made of flour and water, starch and water, or the like, — used for uniting paper or other substances, as in bookbinding, ·etc., — also used in calico printing as a vehicle for mordant or color.

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