Meaning of RECLAIM in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ rɪkleɪm ]

( reclaims, reclaiming, reclaimed)


If you reclaim something that you have lost or that has been taken away from you, you succeed in getting it back.

In 1986, they got the right to reclaim South African citizenship...

VERB : V n


If you reclaim an amount of money, for example tax that you have paid, you claim it back.

There are an estimated eight million people currently thought to be eligible to reclaim income tax.

VERB : V n


When people reclaim land, they make it suitable for a purpose such as farming or building, for example by draining it or by building a barrier against the sea.

The Netherlands has been reclaiming farmland from water.

VERB : V n


If a piece of land that was used for farming or building is reclaimed by a desert, forest, or the sea, it turns back into desert, forest, or sea.

The diamond towns are gradually being reclaimed by the desert...

VERB : usu passive , be V-ed by n

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