Meaning of STRUCTURE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ strʌktʃə(r) ]

( structures, structuring, structured)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


The structure of something is the way in which it is made, built, or organized.

The typical family structure of Freud’s patients involved two parents and two children...

The chemical structure of this particular molecule is very unusual.

N-VAR : usu with supp , oft N of n


A structure is something that consists of parts connected together in an ordered way.

The feet are highly specialised structures made up of 26 small delicate bones.

N-COUNT : usu with supp


A structure is something that has been built.

About half of those funds has gone to repair public roads, structures and bridges...

= building



If you structure something, you arrange it in a careful, organized pattern or system.

By structuring the course this way, we’re forced to produce something the companies think is valuable.

VERB : V n


see also report structure

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