Meaning of UPLIFT in English


The verb is pronounced /ʌplɪft/. The noun is pronounced /ʌplɪft/.

( uplifted)


If something uplifts people, it helps them to have a better life, for example by making them feel happy or by improving their social conditions. ( LITERARY )

We need a little something to help sometimes, to uplift us and make us feel better...

Art was created to uplift the mind and the spirit.

VERB : V n , V n

Uplift is also a noun.

This victory was a massive uplift for us.



In economics, an uplift in something such as the price of shares is an increase in their value. ( BUSINESS ) uplift in the stock market...

Its shares were down across the first quarter, but are now showing a 20 per cent uplift.

N-COUNT : usu sing , oft N in n

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