Meaning of UPLIFT in English


I. noun


Any plate tectonics model of the Andes must in fact account for the uplift essentially in terms of vertical tectonics.

Each was a weekend retreat for white-collar workers and gentry for purposes of education and uplift .

Gandhi gave the party some attention but social uplift absorbed more of him.

Morris suddenly felt tired; the doctored wine was not giving him the uplift he needed.

The base filter media is coral gravel supported by Hagen undergravel interlocking plates with uplift tubes either side of the tank.

The three environments were there all the time, just oscillating backwards and forwards a little in relation to uplift inland.

These areas have apparently acquired an enhanced vitrinite reflectance which has led to an apparent overestimate of uplift .

This year it is pinning its hopes on an 8% uplift in passenger growth to around the 82m mark.

II. verb


Anna uses essential oils in her bath as well as for skin-care and as perfume to uplift her spirits.

He took her hand and turned it over to see the small, uplifted palm.

If they are confident and compassionate, we are uplifted and encouraged.

It uplifted him, as it always did.

The arm, uplifted in a cheery wave, is bony, frail, almost opalescent.

This is an uplifting story of triumph by a black woman who overcame adversity and became an inspiration for millions.

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