Meaning of AHEAD in English


Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.

Note: In addition to the uses shown below, '~' is used in phrasal verbs such as ‘get ~’, ‘go ~’, and ‘press ~’.


Something that is ~ is in front of you. If you look ~, you look directly in front of you.

Brett looked straight ~...

I peered ~ through the front screen...

The road ~ was now blocked solid...

Ahead, he saw the side railings of First Bridge over Crooked Brook.

? behind

ADV: ADV after v, n ADV, ADV with cl


You use ~ with verbs such as ‘push’, ‘move’, and ‘forge’ to indicate that a plan, scheme, or organization is making fast progress.

We are moving ~ with plans to send financial aid...

= forward

ADV: ADV after v


If you are ~ in your work or achievements, you have made more progress than you expected to and are performing well.

First half profits have charged ~ from ?127.6m to ?134.2m...

Children in small classes are several months ~ in reading.

ADV: be ADV, ADV after v, oft amount ADV


If a person or a team is ~ in a competition, they are winning.

Scotland were ~ in their European championship qualifier in Iceland...

A goal would have put Dublin 6-1 ~.

ADV: be ADV, ADV after v, oft amount ADV


Ahead also means in the future.

A much bigger battle is ~ for the president...

Now I can remember without mourning, and begin to look ~...

ADV: v-link ADV, ADV after v, n ADV


If you prepare or plan something ~, you do it some time before a future event so that everything is ready for that event to take place.

The government wants figures that help it to plan ~...

Summer weddings need to be arranged months ~.

ADV: ADV after v


If you go ~, or if you go on ~, you go in front of someone who is going to the same place so that you arrive there some time before they do.

I went ~ and waited with Sean...

ADV: ADV after v

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