Meaning of AHEAD in English




a deal goes through/ahead (= it happens as arranged )

It’s 99% certain that the deal will go through.

be ahead/leading in the polls

The good news is that we are ahead in the polls.

edged ahead (= been more successful than )

The paper has edged ahead of its rivals.

go right ahead

If you want to leave, go right ahead .

jumped ahead

The movie suddenly jumped ahead to the future.

plan ahead/plan for the future

Now that you’re pregnant you’ll have to plan ahead.

the road ahead (= in front of you )

The road ahead was completely flooded.




Newcastle edged ahead again in the 31st minute when defender Kevin Scott hooked home from close range.


The fear is that if one club does manage to forge ahead , it will be at the expense of the other.

Openend funds have forged ahead to a total of 8, 667, according to Lipper Analytical Services Inc.

As one seminar is brought to conclusion plans forge ahead for the next and 1992 is no exception.

Already equipped with two take-home containers of food, I nevertheless forged ahead .

Antorini recognises that the pressure to forge ahead with the necessary research is likely to be consumer-led by infertile couples.

Instead of shelving the permits, as residential builders do, Rohr forged ahead with construction.

But even without another huge bid, Hanson will forge ahead .

Soon after the mid-October opening, he was forging ahead .


The flattening of organizations means that all employees have to learn that old-fashioned promotion is not the only way of getting ahead .

Take cheap shots and distort facts in order to get ahead ?

However, the faster we can get ahead with the Development Project the better.

We wish you to get ahead .

They are materialistic and pushy, motivated by acquisition, competition, and getting ahead .

No matter how hard we worked, we could never get ahead , and almost every day something else would go wrong.

But we get ahead of ourselves.

It promoted Polgar, leaving his colleagues a memorable lesson on how to get ahead .


But in practice, if most countries want to go ahead with something, they may well ignore a lone dissenter.

But then Philip went ahead and composed the music.

Factory owners tried to stop govt. from going ahead &038; passing Acts but could not stop them seeing.

When he agreed to go ahead he could not have been more generous.

The decision to go ahead was made, by the book, Vaughan says.

Half way up the hill, the column took a break while Calley and Meadlo went ahead with the mine detector.


Currently, attention is centred on the Irkutsk region's gas and oil resources, but many obstacles lie ahead .

Although generally optimistic, Dan knew that more challenges lay ahead .

These early months gave him a brutally clear idea of what lay ahead .

Perhaps the best way to think of what lies ahead is to imagine that you are Columbus.

Dark pines and yellow birches lay ahead , as the shoreline curved to meet me.

It is my first view of the road that lies ahead .

And what lies ahead in 1993?

But there is much Clinton can do in the four years that lie ahead of him in his second term.


The Stock Market, however, tends to look ahead about six months.

Others are of the present; others still result from looking ahead .

Look ahead five or so years to when might be an established business.

I think we have to look ahead .

They take everything one step at a time, and refuse to look ahead .

And he is the genuine article, an original who succeeds in looking ahead by looking way back.

I looked ahead and tried to think what on earth I was going to do.

Prospects for the weeks and months ahead look about as bleak.


But his proposals for electoral reform, now moving ahead in fits and starts, contain no such provision.

Despite immature theory and premature hype, researchers are moving ahead .

Interests are much more likely to provide footholds for finding common ground and moving ahead .

As we move ahead in the nineties and beyond, fishnet structures will become increasingly attractive.

Travelling strongly for much of the way, Ballystate had just moved ahead when belting the final flight.

Dallas wide receiver Michael Irvin says he wants to move ahead .

When new staff were appointed development could move ahead again.

The process could be one with some integrity, and management could assure a consensus before it moves ahead .


Order, order Always plan ahead to save time and unnecessary effort.

Plan ahead and check everything you have planned.

Fortunately, humans can plan ahead .

Plan ahead: Make sure your refund is as small as possible.

He knows how to handle situations and can plan ahead for things.

For those willing to plan ahead however, this is nothing to lament.

As with all questions affecting retirement, it is sensible if possible to plan ahead .

Indeed, language is all about constructing unique sequences, and so is planning ahead for tomorrow.


We took advice from other friends, including our bishop, James Roxburgh, who all encouraged us to press ahead .

But so is its determination to press ahead irrespective of the results of practical tests of the system.

The Environment Secretary, Michael Howard, is determined to press ahead with his bill.

The election result has given the Conservatives five years in which to press ahead with the changes.

And he denied Mr Major would lose all credibility by not pressing ahead with the treaty.

We will press ahead with regular appraisal of teachers to encourage high standards and develop professional skills.


But she just couldn't take it when I started pulling ahead .

She is busy watching the team pull ahead decisively.

In the Brut Rose category, California is clearly pulling ahead .

One new poll showed him pulling ahead of Sen.

She is very specifically waiting for Oregon to pull ahead so that she can put in Karen.


To achieve this, Quinlan is pushing ahead with a salad of deals, alliances and joint ventures.

Leaders seize opportunities and push ahead .

Push ahead with a cash or career plan.

But for black dancers and choreographers, this was a time to push ahead .

It emphasises the importance of trying to push ahead with the peace process that is now under way.

Carter, however, insisted on pushing ahead .

Anyone who tried to push ahead was berated by others.


Whatever she has or does, I try to stay ahead .

Workers demanded higher pay to stay ahead of the inflation they expected.

Stay ahead by deploying modest quantities of state-of-the-art aircraft, to dogfight over Arizona.

They could be assured that their assets would stay ahead of inflation without risking a downturn.

Nevertheless dinosaurs, remarkably, were frequently able to stay ahead in the game.

Sure enough, it turned out they were from Minnesota, heading south to try and stay ahead of the cold.

Now that they have learned how to win again they have to discover how to stay ahead of the pack.

Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve find trend research crucial.


But his dark rimmed glasses and old fashioned looks belie a career spent one step ahead .

I scrambled to learn more and managed to keep a half step ahead of humiliation.

This is stepping ahead to the next consideration of the Lady of the Hearth as she who lights and tends the fire.

It was a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of thrift regulators in Washington.

The Vadinamians are usually step ahead .

And thus begins a chase, with the Rat almost always being one step ahead .

The opportunist, it turned out, was one step ahead of me.


ahead of your/its time

Considered 33 years later, that ad was light-years ahead of its time .

Hyde Park was a school way ahead of its time .

It was about 70 years ahead of its time in its feminism and its poetics, so this is its time.

Of course, Pollock's historicism can he misleading, particularly when it implies that art can be ahead of its time .

Sketchpad was not only the first drawing program, but was arguably the best, absurdly ahead of its time .

The idea was way ahead of its time .

The musical was ahead of its time in several ways.

Well ahead of its time , Adamson's first album remains his best.

ahead of/behind the curve

ahead of/behind time

Anticipate the problems your client may have with self-monitoring ahead of time , and rehearse strategies to deal with those situations.

Issues such as job assignments and reduced overtime are worked out ahead of time .

It is hard to lay down rules about this ahead of time .

It is important to check this list ahead of time so that you have everything ready to complete the demonstration.

Linear regression, for example, requires all the data to be collected ahead of time and then processed all at once.

Many of them had prepared notes ahead of time , and Drake took lots of notes.

They were trying to learn to perform a role whose meaning and importance they could not grasp ahead of time .

When you surf to a new Web page, you have no idea ahead of time whether it contains a Java program.

be leading the pack/be ahead of the pack

be/keep/stay one step ahead (of sb)

It was a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of thrift regulators in Washington.

Money With better management of resources you will be able to stay one step ahead.

The reason Chappy is moving around so much is to keep one step ahead I suppose.

We don't want to sell him but we have to keep one step ahead.

full speed/steam ahead

In the meantime, the three cruise lines are moving full speed ahead with major expansion plans.

And, full speed ahead ... the business sideline that's helping farmers rake in the cash.

He talks full steam ahead for another five minutes.

It's full steam ahead as investors get appetite for perks on a plate.

keep/stay etc a jump ahead (of sb)

light years ahead/better etc than sth

streets ahead (of sb/sth)

And streets ahead ... Bonnie brings a touch of magic to a Broadway favourite.

As pure driving machines, there is no real comparison - the Mercedes is streets ahead.

Sorry times, indeed, for Coventry, whose Midland rivals are streets ahead in strength in depth.

The Scandinavian countries are already streets ahead in this area.


Albert was staring straight ahead , pretending not to listen.

David had his breakfast and thought about the day ahead .

Devraux stared straight ahead , without looking at his son.

He looked ahead down the road towards the village.

He stuck his head out of the window but it was impossible to see ahead through the fog.

I know there are some big problems ahead of us, but I'm sure we can overcome them.

Let Tom walk ahead - he knows the way.

Let Tom walk ahead of you - he knows this path very well.

Milligan's home run puts the Dodgers ahead by one point.

The doctor strode ahead to the end of the corridor, and waited there for the others to catch up.

The government faces some difficult decisions in the months which lie ahead .

The road ahead was clear.

Unemployment in the region is expected to grow in the months ahead .


He walked very fast, commanding me to follow, and said there was a bridge up ahead we could cross.

His test as a peacemaker is still ahead of him.

If you decide not to go ahead , just return the Policy within 15 days.

Second, the title suggests an assessment of multimedia spanning the decade, examining developments as far ahead as the year 2000.

So stop moaning and plan ahead with some confidence.

The police officer said that going ahead could mean prison.

Then he singled in the sixth, the hit part of a rally that enabled Baltimore to go ahead , 4-2.

We wish you to get ahead .

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