Meaning of APPROXIMATE in English

(approximating, ~d)


An ~ number, time, or position is close to the correct number, time, or position, but is not exact.

The ~ cost varies from around ?150 to ?250...

The times are ~ only.

? exact



Approximately $150 million is to be spent on improvements.

ADV: ADV num


An idea or description that is ~ is not intended to be precise or accurate, but to give some indication of what something is like.

They did not have even an ~ idea what the Germans really wanted.



If something ~s to something else, it is similar to it but is not exactly the same.

Something approximating to a fair outcome will be ensured...

By about 6 weeks of age, most babies begin to show something approximating a day/night sleeping pattern.

VERB: V to n, V n

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