Meaning of APPROXIMATE in English

adjective , verb

■ adjective

/ əˈprɒksɪmət; NAmE əˈprɑːk-/ ( abbr. approx ) almost correct or accurate, but not completely so :

an approximate number / total / cost

The cost given is only approximate.

Use these figures as an approximate guide in your calculations.

OPP exact

■ verb / əˈprɒksɪmeɪt; NAmE əˈprɑːk-/ ( formal )


approximate (to) sth to be similar or close to sth in nature, quality, amount, etc., but not exactly the same :

[ vn ]

The animals were reared in conditions which approximated the wild as closely as possible.

The total cost will approximate £15 billion.

[ v ]

His story approximates to the facts that we already know.


[ vn ] to calculate or estimate sth fairly accurately :

a formula for approximating the weight of a horse



late Middle English (in the adjectival sense close, similar ): from late Latin approximatus , past participle of approximare , from ad- to + proximus very near. The verb (originally meaning bring close ) arose in the mid 17th cent.; the current use as an adjective dates from the early 19th cent.

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