Meaning of DIAL in English

(~s, ~ling, ~led)

Note: in AM, use '~ing', '~ed'


A ~ is the part of a machine or instrument such as a clock or watch which shows you the time or a measurement that has been recorded.

The luminous ~ on the clock showed five minutes to seven...



A ~ is a control on a device or piece of equipment which you can move in order to adjust the setting, for example to select or change the frequency on a radio or the temperature of a heater.

He turned the ~ on the radio...



On some telephones, especially older ones, the ~ is the disc on the front that you turn with your finger to choose the number that you want to call. The disc has holes in it, and numbers or letters behind the holes.



If you ~ or if you ~ a number, you turn the ~ or press the buttons on a telephone in order to phone someone.

He lifted the phone and ~led her number...

He ~led, and spoke briefly to the duty officer.

VERB: V n, V

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