Meaning of DIAL in English

/ ˈdaɪəl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


the face of a clock or watch, or a similar control on a machine, piece of equipment or vehicle that shows a measurement of time, amount, speed, temperature, etc. :

an alarm clock with a luminous dial

Check the tyre pressure on the dial.

—see also sundial


the round control on a radio, cooker / stove, etc. that you turn in order to adjust sth, for example to choose a particular station or to choose a particular temperature


the round part on some older telephones, with holes for the fingers, that you move around to call a particular number

■ verb

( -ll- , NAmE -l- ) to use a telephone by pushing buttons or turning the dial to call a number :

[ vn ]

He dialled the number and waited.

Dial 0033 for France.

[also v ]



Middle English (denoting a mariner's compass): from medieval Latin diale clock dial, based on Latin dies day.

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