Meaning of LOOSEN in English


(~s, ~ing, ~ed)


If someone ~s restrictions or laws, for example, they make them less strict or severe.

Drilling regulations, too, have been ~ed to speed the development of the fields.

? tighten



Domestic conditions did not justify a ~ing of monetary policy.

N-SING: usu N of n


If someone or something ~s the ties between people or groups of people, or if the ties ~, they become weaker.

The Federal Republic must ~ its ties with the United States...

The deputy leader is cautious about ~ing the links with the unions...

The ties that bind them together are ~ing.

VERB: V n, V n, V


If you ~ your clothing or something that is tied or fastened or if it ~s, you undo it slightly so that it is less tight or less firmly held in place.

Loosen the bolt so the bars can be turned...

Her hair had ~ed and was tangled around her shoulders.

? tighten

VERB: V n, V


If you ~ something that is stretched across something else, you make it less stretched or tight.

Insert a small knife into the top of the chicken breast to ~ the skin.



If you ~ your grip on something, or if your grip ~s, you hold it less tightly.

Harry ~ed his grip momentarily and Anna wriggled free...

When his grip ~ed she eased herself away.

= relax

? tighten

VERB: V n, V


If a government or organization ~s its grip on a group of people or an activity, or if its grip ~s, it begins to have less control over it.

There is no sign that the Party will ~ its tight grip on the country...

The Soviet Union’s grip on Eastern Europe ~ed.

= relax

VERB: V n, V

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