Meaning of LOOSEN in English


ˈlüs ə n verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English losnen, loosnen, from loos, lous loose + -nen -en

transitive verb

1. : to set free : release from restraint : let loose

loosen the tongues of the … prisoners — Saturday Review

2. : to make looser : free from or lessen the tightness, firmness, or fixedness of

loosen a screw

refused to loosen his control of charity funds — Fortnight

loosens social ties

a liming process … loosens the hair — American Guide Series: Pennsylvania

3. : to remove costiveness from or relax (the bowels)


a. : to weaken the attachment or adhesion between : detach

the ivy creeping up the wall … does not loosen its ancient stones — Newman Smyth

b. : to separate the particles of or make less firmly packed

a cultivator … will loosen hard-packed earth — Monsanto Magazine

5. : to cause or permit to become less strict : relax the severity of

loosen the regulations governing investment in foreign countries

loosen discipline

intransitive verb

: to become loose or looser

even after his catastrophe his grip of his soul did not loosen — Hugh Walpole

the dynastic and religious entanglements … have loosened or disappeared — Edward Sapir

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