Meaning of SAFETY in English

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


Safety is the state of being safe from harm or danger.

The report goes on to make a number of recommendations to improve ~ on aircraft.



If you reach ~, you reach a place where you are safe from danger.

He stumbled through smoke and fumes given off from her burning sofa to pull her to ~...

Guests ran for ~ as the device went off in a ground-floor men’s toilet...

The refugees were groping their way through the dark, trying to reach ~.

...the ~ of one’s own home.

N-UNCOUNT: oft prep N


If you are concerned about the ~ of something, you are concerned that it might be harmful or dangerous.

...consumers are showing growing concern about the ~ of the food they buy...

N-SING: with poss


If you are concerned for someone’s ~, you are concerned that they might be in danger.

The two youths today declined to testify because they said they feared for their ~.

N-SING: with poss


Safety features or measures are intended to make something less dangerous.

The built-in ~ device compensates for a fall in water pressure.



If you say that there is ~ in numbers, you mean that you are safer doing something if there are a lot of people doing it rather than doing it alone.

Many people still feel there is ~ in numbers when belonging to a union.

PHRASE: usu v-link PHR

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