Meaning of SAFETY in English




a place of safety

His young son had been sent away to a place of safety.

a safety device (= designed to keep people safe )

The accident happened because a simple safety device wasn’t properly fitted.

a safety feature

The car has more safety features than its rivals in the same price range.

a safety hazard

Protesters claim that the nuclear reactor is a safety hazard.

a safety inspection

A safety inspection was carried out on the boiler system.

a safety measure

New safety measures were implemented after the rail crash.

a safety precaution

Both areas were cordoned off as a safety precaution.

a safety procedure

Apparently the accidents were due to inadequate safety procedures.

a safety/security check

The security checks at the airport can take a long time.

comparative safety

She didn’t want to leave the comparative safety of the shelter.

fear for sb’s safety/life

a terrifying ordeal in which she feared for her life

health and safety rules

You should follow any health and safety rules which apply to your workplace.

health and safety

health and safety regulations

led to safety

The horses were led to safety .

plucked to safety

Three survivors were plucked to safety after being in the sea for 7 hours.

road safety

We share parents' concern for road safety.

safety belt

safety catch

safety conscious

Workers are encouraged to be safety conscious.

safety curtain

safety glass (= strong glass that breaks into small pieces that are not sharp )

The company makes safety glass for car windows.

safety glass

safety instructions

Written safety instructions should be supplied with all equipment.

safety lamp

safety legislation

Safety legislation requires all construction workers to wear protective headgear .

safety match

safety net

State support should provide a safety net for the very poor.

safety officer

safety pin

safety razor

safety regulations

Every railway has complex safety regulations.

Safety reps

Safety reps have the right to stop the job when workers are in danger.

safety requirements

All companies are required to meet Health and Safety requirements.

safety tips

Ensure the safety of your family with a few simple safety tips from the Fire Service.

safety valve

Being able to express emotion is a healthy safety valve for the relationship.

safety violations

One oil rig worker blew the whistle on safety violations by his drilling company.

safety/hygiene/quality etc standards

All our products meet the current safety standards.

safety/protective equipment

Employers must provide safety equipment, and make sure it is used.

the safety/security aspect

the safety aspect of nuclear power generation




He was ridden down before he could reach the comparative safety of his parsonage at Yateley.

I saluted him and then made my way back to the farmyard and the comparative safety of the farm buildings.

Forster slithered to Delaney and got a grip, pulling him back to comparative safety .

New ideas can be bounced around in the comparative safety of the governors' meeting and reactions gauged.

Had she locked herself in a place of comparative safety ?

From a place of comparative safety she was able to observe as Joe pushed his way onward, unaware of her move.

She shivered, and was glad to gain the comparative safety of the open area in the centre.

Just as they reached the top and comparative safety , Lilley yelled for everyone to bale out.


A Pennsylvania state appeals court also has said a state airbag lawsuit can proceed despite federal safety rules.

In addition to facing the ire of frustrated riders, Muni has also come under fire recently from federal safety officials.


Talks have been going on for some time on a range of scientific matters including fusion, nuclear safety and the environment.

The pursuit of a cease-fire dominated a summit of world leaders in Moscow, meeting to discuss nuclear safety and arms proliferation.

The first formal meeting of top nuclear safety regulators is expected to take place in December.

Last year, parliament voted to fund research into nuclear safety and waste disposal to the tune of £40 million.

Page 2. Nuclear safety cash loss.

More than £20 million in research costs has been lost on an abandoned nuclear safety programme.


Yet when in action he was the perfect fighting machine with a total disregard for his own personal safety .

Himes imagines a world conditioned by anxiety over personal safety , where the greatest threat to that safety comes from within.

What is of greatest concern, though, is the impact of this exorbitant charge on personal safety .

Ten schools from the area took part in the competition which tested knowledge of crime prevention and personal safety .

Only strike out if the attacker enters your personal safety zone.

This is partly because of the importance of the interests at stake in immigration decisions: personal safety and liberty.

Additionally, engineers should look after their own personal safety , and help others to look after theirs.


He said that the police had a statutory obligation for public safety .

Critics say the system risks public safety because it does not allow the various agencies to talk to one another during crises.

But police argue that public safety is a greater concern.

Prop. 197 backers hope the public safety issue will help win passage of the measure.

The depot was closed by the police in the interests of public safety .

Which, if you engage its services for sewers, public safety , whatever, is going to charge you full pop.

Police control of the roads is as important to public safety as crime prevention and detection.

Brady says she believes government has a role to play in ensuring public safety .



The plaintiff scaffolder was injured when he fell and was not wearing a safety belt .

The man opposite him was calmly fastening his safety belt .

I release my safety belt to hold you, dangerous ground, ground where my feet have wings of flame.

After a moment he unbuckled his safety belt and got up.

When the accident occurred he was not wearing a safety belt .

I always buckled my safety belt and drove below the speed limit, stopping for school buses, pulling over for sirens.

The gunman managed to unbuckle his safety belt and struggled to push open the passenger door.

Passengers looked at one another and smiled nervously, and the steward went around asking everyone to fasten their safety belts .


He pulled the trigger, believing that the safety catch was on.

Plummer lowered the weapon, easing the hammer forward and slipping on the safety catch .

He thought the safety catch was on.

She slipped the safety catch into place and deposited the gun on the coffee table beside her.

It came clear from the bag, her finger slipping on to the trigger, thumb freeing the safety catch .

Desperately, he reached for the hidden gun and fumbled with its safety catch .

The man had seen Mike first but had fumbled with his safety catch as Mike killed him.


Bedrooms are simply furnished with telephone and safety deposit box.

The hotel bedrooms all have safety deposit box and telephone.

The bedrooms do not have a safety deposit box.

Bedrooms have video player and safety deposit box, bathrooms with hair dryer.

Bedrooms have a safety deposit box and double glazing.


The statute may impose a duty on an employer to provide safety equipment and ensure that it is used.

Please would we list our safety equipment , the radio, the distress beacon, and so forth?

The Edinburgh based Institution of Fire Engineers specialises in developing fire engines and safety equipment .

The veteran car and safety equipment manufacturers' ideas of melted nylon webbing in the belt are logical, according to Melvin.

The duties under the Regulations include assessment of suitable equipment , maintenance information, instruction training and ensuring use of safety equipment.

Basic instruction and safety equipment are provided.

This is apparent in the cases on industrial safety equipment .

Pictured right: Wood Group Fire Protection products cover a wide range of fire protection and safety equipment .


Rather than reducing problems, these strident warnings about food safety add to the burden of human suffering.

What has grabbed headlines this year is the issue of food safety .

They say it has not been tested for food safety on cattle.

The legislation would consolidate food safety , inspection and labeling functions into a new independent agency called the Food Safety Administration.

Food studies; Food safety and quality management.

Various recent legal enactments covering food safety and the environment have required the Catering Branch to set up continues review procedures.

Biotechnology and food safety problems were often due to poor policies and inadequate regulations, it said.

When it comes to food safety , we are not trusted: we have previous convictions.


If safety glass used in glazed doors and low level windows.

Almost immediately the safety glass shattered and all they could see were white chips.

Miraculously neither of the victims appeared hurt despite the piles of safety glass glittering in the street.


The health and safety hazards associated with nuclear energy will have to be overcome.

Before tests can begin, the Food and Drug Administration must decide if the potatoes are likely to pose major safety hazards .

The Department of Transport claims that the cafes are a safety hazard .

He says that they need the cafes because they're cheap, but they're not a safety hazard .


This coming year, health and safety issues will enjoy an even higher profile.

Prop. 197 backers hope the public safety issue will help win passage of the measure.

There are 30 courses dedicated to specific safety issues , such as handling portable gas cylinders, food hygiene and accident investigation procedures.

Cook said the stand-down was not made public earlier because the service did not consider the problem a critical safety issue .

The quiz was held to encourage members of staff to discuss safety issues and seek information.

On health and safety issues , however, deregulation has been an unmitigated disaster.

There is also an organization which deals with health and safety issues , especially in multi-national companies.

I was sent to do a hearing on a mine safety issue , which was not my expertise.


Another effect of the flare is to wind up the blade speed which helps to give a greater safety margin .

He would work out. the total and add a safety margin .

There was a safety margin built in, anyhow.

Now the result came inside the safety margin .

The regulations left a safety margin , of course; but safety margins were there for a reason.


After safety measures were enforced at his firm he went back to work and never experienced symptoms again.

The rope-secured entry is part of the safety measures established in 1992.

In each case there were criticisms that each could have been prevented by better safety measures and checking.

Then they can work on safety measures .

Furness said he was satisfied with the safety measures put into place following the latest incident.

One of these probes sits permanently just beneath the viewport on the bottom of the sphere as a safety measure .

As a further safety measure , the screen must not be readily climbable by children.

Adopted the appropriate safety measures , and 3.


It can provide a safety net for children in danger as well as for those who have socially or emotionally lost their way.

But the ability to pay for safety nets is just one of the social effects of having an educated population.

If intervention remains, it should be reduced to the original concept of a safety net for use in extreme emergencies.

The Senate leader does have a safety net of sorts for the weeks ahead.

The big entitlement programs should be privatized, he says, leaving only a low safety net for the indigent.

However, States said the new program is providing a better safety net for the drought-plagued wheat growers of the Great Plains.

Two-wheel drive gives better stability and traction in all conditions, but just as importantly is a powerful psychological safety net .

Bob Dole, the daring old man on the flying trapeze, has sold his safety net .


Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers .

From a safety officer at a storage and haulage firm.

Road safety officers hope the new tickets will persuade drivers to change their habits.


I love those ones where there's a piece of cloth just with a safety pin or something like that.

One of its straps is broken and pinned with two safety pins.

The maroon dress was neatly folded, and the coral necklace carefully pinned to the bodice with a large safety pin.

By grade eight, she was putting safety pins in her legs and fastening them.

Later the gadget acquired a popular name - the safety pin - and made some one else very rich.

Heating an implement made of a straightened safety pin , he speared the bugs, then brought them to the candle flame.

A dummy made of a diving suit, sitting in a wheelchair and wrapped with cloth was stuck with safety pins .

Not money, and not technology unless it was as fundamental as safety pins .


Unfortunately, there are many accidents just waiting to happen if proper safety precautions aren't taken.

Immediate priorities should include improving facilities to deal with infectious agents that require high level microbiological safety precautions . iii.

Her idea was to have a first-aid kit in the catering department as an essential safety precaution .

The home-run fence at Southcrest Park has been taken down and replaced by orange cones, ostensibly as a safety precaution .

Employees should also be given adequate training in safety precautions etc.

This was considered a safety precaution , since the rods are hot in temperature as well as radioactive.

And they always take the strictest safety precautions .

This means the White House has not been required to undertake special safety precautions during the current water emergency, he said.


A NORTH-EAST double glazing firm has been fined nearly £3,000 for breaches of work safety procedures .

Regulatory agencies uncovered numerous flaws in operating and safety procedures .

But new safety procedures had been introduced so such an event could never happen again.

Laganside agreed to review safety procedures during the week-long break to accommodate the Lower Ormeau Community Festival.

Throughout there has been a high profile given to safety procedures , under the control of safety manager.

Bureau safety procedures , in the event of a violent client, can not be neglected.

The Hidden report made 93 recommendations to improve safety procedures on the railways, in the emergency services and in government policy.


Letting the children do it under mild supervision for safety reasons is probably the better idea.

But those reactors were shut down for safety reasons in the 1980s and the nation has no active source of tritium.

For safety reasons therefore, the box must be assembled whenever the unit is plugged in.

For safety reasons , most of the landings for these sample retrieval missions were planned for flat, smooth terrain.

Reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods increases the volume of waste and should be undertaken only when necessary for safety reasons .

Part of it was demolished last year for safety reasons .

Even staffing has risen again, to 133,000, mainly for safety reasons .

Finally, if toy guns can be recalled for safety reasons , why shouldn't real ones be subject to safety standards?


An unsullied safety record swelled pride in Concorde's technical achievement as the years passed.

In general, it has a good safety record .

A reasonable question might be, why is the safety record so comparatively good?

Alvin is a safe boat, with an unsurpassed safety record .

The probable reasons for the safety record of such warehouses are two-fold: - Human beings are largely excluded from such operations.

The workers repeatedly heard that management needed higher productivity lower costs, and a better safety record .

Catastrophic engine failure brought to an end supersonic airliner Concorde's enviable safety record on Tuesday.

We have a superb safety record , and offer quality track time.


Under safety regulations , no jockey was allowed to ride in a race within one week of being concussed.

Economists have long been calling for safety regulations to be subject to cost-benefit analysis.

Sandhogs are murdered, both directly and because safety regulations have been abandoned in the tunnel.

Thus they will displace those firms that finance the social security systems, and will undermine established safety regulations .

Most of those surveyed also said gun manufacturers should be subjected to consumer safety regulations .

Increasingly, such techniques are featuring in safety regulations and design specifications.

Proponents of the new policy said that the intent is to crack open the often secretive world of air safety regulation .


Roads minister Kenneth Carlisle unveiled the measures after six months of consultation with road safety groups.

But when it comes to road safety they are clueless.

A recent major study of traffic problems in the Edinburgh area recognised road safety as a major factor for consideration.

His main concern was road safety , but he was never the same man after 1982.

Gloucestershire's road safety officer says the vast majority were due to driver error.

We also get a number of visits at the playgroup, including the local road safety officer who talks to the children.


There are stringent safety rules governing practical shooting and, as far as Kjell is aware, the sport has an accident-free record.

A Pennsylvania state appeals court also has said a state airbag lawsuit can proceed despite federal safety rules .

Three companies had denied breaking safety rules after two workmen were killed after a gantry fixed to the Severn Bridge collapsed.

The safety rule , strictly interpreted, would have required a landing in Florida or California on Friday.

Wilfulness Wilfully disregarding safety rules is rarely a primary cause of incidents.

There shouldn't be another lap of anything run until some safety rules are implemented.

Voice over Failure to stick to the safety rules is simply playing with fire.

The ordinance, passed unanimously Tuesday, makes it either a misdemeanor or infraction to violate a park safety rule .


The car park was immediately closed upon advice from Darlington council, which carried out the tests in line with national safety standards .

Guns should meet basic safety standards , she says, just as cars and toys do.

Hickson take pride in their ability to solve technical problems quickly while maintaining the highest safety standards .

Tests found uranium levels as high as nine times above the safety standard .

Male speaker I fear that safety standards will go down the drain as people seek to make most profit.

The tightening up of safety standards at nuclear power plants inevitably followed the reactor accidents.

Fire safety standards were widely flouted.

They are professionals with equipment which meets rigorous safety standards .


It is a safety valve , you might say a brothel of the mind.

Fortuitously, the advancing Union forces operated as a safety valve .

Do these eruptions act as a safety valve or will they lead to a cataclysm?

Gradually the voluntary churches thus came to be safety valves for society, means of draining potentially dangerous conflict into harmless channels.

So far the devaluation has acted as a safety valve for the most immediate pressures.

Then an interesting phenomenon takes place: they become a safety valve .

Sometimes, a safety valve may be fitted into the boiler flow pipe; a draincock is always fitted in the return.

Investment funds and other big investors also use them as safety valves .



A pulley block was used to ensure the safety of this manoeuvre.

Thus the state should be mainly a night watchman, a low-profile policeman who ensures the basic safety of every individual.

He captured this easily and chased Isaac inland, having ensured the safety of Berengaria and Joan.

Brady says she believes government has a role to play in ensuring public safety .

She loved Moorlake House, you know, and I think she was trying to ensure the safety of its future.

There were few laws or regulations to ensure worker safety .

It is surely incumbent on us to do everything possible to ensure that safety is paramount.

Each procedure to be carried out was explained and Mr Reynolds understood that the measures being taken were to ensure his safety .


Locals began to fear for her safety .

All along, authorities feared for their safety , because du Pont is an expert marksmen with a large gun collection.

It is unnecessary to produce a person who fears for his safety .

Male speaker I fear that safety standards will go down the drain as people seek to make most profit.

At several hospitals, emergency room personnel said they increasingly fear for their own safety .

Nevertheless, Sidonius did fear for the safety of his own family in the aftermath of the accession of Nepos.


He threw out no sounding parties too weak to guarantee their own safety , and he lost none of them.

The families agreed not to contact police to guarantee the safety of the two men.

All this is supposed to guarantee a sense of safety , but after Mr Safra's death, the image is threatened.

Do it only if you can guarantee your own safety .

Omar expressed anxiety that we might be attacked as we withdrew from Bahdu, but Ali Wali guaranteed our safety .

Interior Ministry officials have said that they can not guarantee safety for protesters, so public protests will be banned indefinitely.

This will guarantee that safety and animal welfare standards have been satisfied.


We have helped to establish the Football Trust, which now devotes £20 million a year to improving the safety of grounds.

It provides assistance to member states in improving safety practices in the chemical industry.

Anything learned from crashes will be fed through to improve the design of safety seats.

The findings could lead to improved seismic safety standards at nuclear plants.

We will eliminate racial discrimination in housing allocation and improve safety on estates.

Brown made improving Muni safety a top issue during his mayoral campaign.


A producer is not required to meet expectations of safety which arise after he has supplied the product.

The usual choice is a helmet that meets the safety standards for bicycles.

It has only one such site also at Mayak, and partly financed by the United States that meets international safety requirements.

Guns should meet basic safety standards, she says, just as cars and toys do.

The manual points out that mains can kill and I reckon that it doesn't meet any of the safety standards.

Border Patrol officials say the vests meet safety standards.

The improvement scheme has been carried out to meet new health and safety requirements.

The pursuit of a cease-fire dominated a summit of world leaders in Moscow, meeting to discuss nuclear safety and arms proliferation.


It can provide a safety net for children in danger as well as for those who have socially or emotionally lost their way.

They are not as enthusiastic about budget-balancing as about providing services and a safety net.

The government's starting point with regard to block funding was that they would not provide a safety net.

However, States said the new program is providing a better safety net for the drought-plagued wheat growers of the Great Plains.

The statute may impose a duty on an employer to provide safety equipment and ensure that it is used.

While providing greater safety from the pressure hazard, they can create spatial problems for the patient.

The second, and no less important function, is to provide safety isolation.

The material researchers provide makes a great safety net.


He was ridden down before he could reach the comparative safety of his parsonage at Yateley.

All I could do was frantically reach for my safety whistle and blow like crazy to alert the raft crew.

When they reached the safety of the pile of sand they sat on top of it and watched their brothers.

He had to reach safety in the next few seconds, by his own unaided efforts.

You've scanned the shy a long time to reach safety .

They had spent so long reaching a place of safety , and were now so near.

We had scarcely survived a convoy of high articulated lorries to reach the safety of a country lane.

The ill man had reached safety and the evacuation had begun successfully.


for your own good/safety/benefit etc

He will work for your financial independence and will never take advantage or misuse your money for his own good.

Intelligent Buildings Too smart for their own good?

It looked as if the transports were advancing too fast for their own safety.

Lewin and Nnah were also led away for their own safety.

Of course they kept a sharp lookout in such congested waters for their own safety.

Often one step too many for his own good.

We got too famous for our own good.

You might be just a wee bit too clever for your own good now.

in the interest(s) of justice/safety/efficiency etc

Extending the ban to wedding rings, in the interests of safety, say the company, has upset some workers.

Ideally, the student should be making all the decisions and choosing actions in the interests of safety and efficiency.

If the alarm gets no response, the timer goes ahead and switches off in the interest of safety and economy.

The mature glider pilot would never hesitate to make a fool of himself in the interests of safety.

We should be able to state which fuse we require when we buy a plug in the interest of safety and economics.


Safety needs to be improved on all our railways.

A film cameraman was airlifted to safety yesterday after being trapped inside a volcano for two days.

All children should be taught road safety from an early age.

All employees will be issued with a health and safety handbook.

By the time the men reached safety , they were exhausted and half starved.

For the safety of the public, this man must be caught.

For your own safety , please do not smoke until you are outside the plane.

Our job is to maintain safety on the streets.

Our planes are regularly serviced, so that passengers can be sure they are travelling in safety .

She finally reached the safety of the shelter.

She rushed back to the safety of her own house.

The firefighters carried the children to safety .

There is concern over the safety of silicone breast implants.

We handle many chemicals that require special safety precautions.


All this is supposed to guarantee a sense of safety , but after Mr Safra's death, the image is threatened.

For programs affecting the health and safety of the entire population a single average value serves well.

Judges will consider overall design, safety , level of fun and how the playground caters for children with disabilities.

They look at hundreds of safety points every 3 months.

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