Meaning of UNIFORM in English



Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


A ~ is a special set of clothes which some people, for example soldiers or the police, wear to work in and which some children wear at school.

The town police wear dark blue ~s and flat caps...

Philippe was in ~, wearing a pistol holster on his belt...

She will probably take great pride in wearing school ~.



You can refer to the particular style of clothing which a group of people wear to show they belong to a group or a movement as their ~.

Mark’s is the ~ of the young male traveller–green Army trousers, T-shirt and shirt.

N-COUNT: with supp


If something is ~, it does not vary, but is even and regular throughout.

Chips should be cut into ~ size and thickness...

The price rises will not be ~ across the country.



...the caramel that was used to maintain ~ity of color in the brandy.



Beyond the windows, a November midday was ~ly grey...

Microwaves heat water ~ly.

ADV: ADV adj, ADV with v


If you describe a number of things as ~, you mean that they are all the same.

Along each wall stretched ~ green metal filing cabinets...

= identical

ADJ: usu ADJ n


...the dull ~ity of the houses.



The natives ~ly agreed on this important point.

ADV: ADV adj, ADV with v

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