Meaning of WRINKLE in English


(~s, wrinkling, ~d)


Wrinkles are lines which form on someone’s face as they grow old.

His face was covered with ~s...

N-COUNT: usu pl


When someone’s skin ~s or when something ~s it, lines start to form in it because the skin is getting old or damaged.

The skin on her cheeks and around her eyes was beginning to ~. against the sun’s rays that age and ~ the skin.

VERB: V, V n


I did indeed look older and more ~d than ever.



A ~ is a raised fold in a piece of cloth or paper that spoils its appearance.

He noticed a ~ in her stocking.



If cloth ~s, or if someone or something ~s it, it gets folds or lines in it.

Her stockings ~d at the ankles...

I ~d the velvet.

VERB: V, V n


His suit was ~d and he looked very tired.

= crumpled



When you ~ your nose or forehead, or when it ~s, you tighten the muscles in your face so that the skin folds.

Frannie ~d her nose at her daughter...

Ellen’s face ~s as if she is about to sneeze.

VERB: V n, V

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