Meaning of WRINKLE in English


noun a winkle.

2. wrinkle ·noun hence, any roughness; unevenness.

3. wrinkle ·vi to shrink into furrows and ridges.

4. wrinkle ·vt hence, to make rough or uneven in any way.

5. wrinkle ·noun a notion or fancy; a whim; as, to have a new wrinkle.

6. wrinkle ·vt to contract into furrows and prominences; to make a wrinkle or wrinkles in; to corrugate; as, wrinkle the skin or the brow.

7. wrinkle ·noun a small ridge, prominence, or furrow formed by the shrinking or contraction of any smooth substance; a corrugation; a crease; a slight fold; as, wrinkle in the skin; a wrinkle in cloth.

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