Meaning of CITY in English


n. (pl. -ies) 1 a a large town. b Brit. (strictly) a town created a city by charter and containing a cathedral. c US a municipal corporation occupying a definite area. 2 (the City) a the part of London governed by the Lord Mayor and the Corporation. b the business part of this. c commercial circles; high finance. 3 (attrib.) of a city or the City. City Company a corporation descended from an ancient trade-guild. city desk a department of a newspaper dealing with business news or US with local news. City editor 1 the editor dealing with financial news in a newspaper or magazine. 2 (city editor) US the editor dealing with local news. city father (usu. in pl.) a person concerned with or experienced in the administration of a city. city hall US municipal offices or officers. city manager US an official directing the administration of a city. city page Brit. the part of a newspaper or magazine dealing with the financial and business news. city slicker usu. derog. 1 a smart and sophisticated city-dweller. 2 a plausible rogue as found in cities. city-state esp. hist. a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state. cityward adj. & adv. citywards adv.

[ ME f. OF cité f. L civitas -tatis f. civis citizen ]

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