Meaning of EARTH in English

n. & v.

n. 1 a (also Earth) one of the planets of the solar system orbiting about the sun between Venus and Mars; the planet on which we live. b land and sea, as distinct from sky. 2 a dry land; the ground (fell to earth). b soil, clay, mould. c bodily matter (earth to earth). 3 Relig. the present abode of mankind, as distinct from heaven or hell; the world. 4 Brit. Electr. the connection to the earth as an arbitrary reference voltage in an electrical circuit. 5 the hole of a badger, fox, etc. 6 (prec. by the) colloq. a huge amount; everything (cost the earth; want the earth).

v. 1 tr. (foll. by up) cover (the roots and lower stems of plants) with heaped-up earth. 2 a tr. drive (a fox) to its earth. b intr. (of a fox etc.) run to its earth. 3 tr. Brit. Electr. connect to the earth. come back (or down) to earth return to realities. earth-closet a lavatory with dry earth used to cover excreta. earth-hog (or -pig) = AARDVARK. earth mother 1 Mythol. a spirit or deity symbolizing the earth. 2 a sensual and maternal woman. earth-nut any of various plants, or its edible roundish tuber, esp.: 1 an umbelliferous woodland plant, Conopodium majus. 2 the peanut. earth sciences the sciences concerned with the earth or part of it, or its atmosphere (e.g. geology, oceanography, meteorology). earth-shattering colloq. having a traumatic or devastating effect. earth-shatteringly colloq. devastatingly, remarkably. earth tremor see TREMOR n. 3. gone to earth in hiding. on earth colloq. existing anywhere; emphatically (the happiest man on earth; looked like nothing on earth; what on earth?). earthward adj. & adv. earthwards adv.

[ OE eorthe f. Gmc ]

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