Meaning of FLUTTER in English


v. & n.

v. 1 a intr. flap the wings in flying or trying to fly (butterflies fluttered in the sunshine). b tr. flap (the wings). 2 intr. fall with a quivering motion (leaves fluttered to the ground). 3 intr. & tr. move or cause to move irregularly or tremblingly (the wind fluttered the flag). 4 intr. go about restlessly; flit; hover. 5 tr. agitate, confuse. 6 intr. (of a pulse or heartbeat) beat feebly or irregularly. 7 intr. tremble with excitement or agitation.

n. 1 a the act of fluttering. b an instance of this. 2 tremulous excitement; a sensation (was in a flutter; caused a flutter with his behaviour). 3 Brit. sl. a small bet, esp. on a horse. 4 an abnormally rapid but regular heartbeat. 5 Aeron. an undesired oscillation in a part of an aircraft etc. under stress. 6 Mus. a rapid movement of the tongue (as when rolling one's rs) in playing a wind instrument. 7 Electronics a rapid variation of pitch, esp. of recorded sound (cf. WOW(2)). 8 a vibration. flutter the dovecots cause alarm among normally imperturbable people. flutterer n. fluttery adj.

[ OE floterian, flotorian, frequent. form rel. to FLEET(5) ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.