Meaning of MEMORY in English

n. (pl. -ies) 1 the faculty by which things are recalled to or kept in the mind. 2 a this faculty in an individual (my memory is beginning to fail). b one's store of things remembered (buried deep in my memory). 3 a recollection or remembrance (the memory of better times). 4 the storage capacity of a computer or other electronic machinery. 5 the remembrance of a person or thing (his mother's memory haunted him). 6 a the reputation of a dead person (his memory lives on). b in formulaic phrases used of a dead sovereign etc. (of blessed memory). 7 the length of time over which the memory or memories of any given person or group extends (within living memory; within the memory of anyone still working here). 8 the act of remembering (a deed worthy of memory). commit to memory learn (a thing) so as to be able to recall it. from memory without verification in books etc. in memory of to keep alive the remembrance of. memory bank (or board) the memory device of a computer etc. memory lane (usu. prec. by down, along) an imaginary and sentimental journey into the past. memory mapping Computing the allocation of peripheral devices to appear located within the main memory of a computer.

[ ME f. OF memorie, memoire f. L memoria f. memor mindful, remembering, rel. to MOURN ]

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