Meaning of MEMORY in English

noun a memorial.

2. memory ·noun the time within which past events can be or are remembered; as, within the memory of man.

3. memory ·noun the faculty of the mind by which it retains the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events.

4. memory ·noun the actual and distinct retention and recognition of past ideas in the mind; remembrance; as, in memory of youth; memories of foreign lands.

5. memory ·noun something, or an aggregate of things, remembered; hence, character, conduct, ·etc., as preserved in remembrance, history, or tradition; posthumous fame; as, the war became only a memory.

6. memory ·noun the reach and positiveness with which a person can remember; the strength and trustworthiness of one's power to reach and represent or to recall the past; as, his memory was never wrong.

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