Meaning of NICKEL in English


n. & v.

n. 1 Chem. a malleable ductile silver-white metallic transition element, occurring naturally in various minerals and used in special steels, in magnetic alloys, and as a catalyst. °Symb.: Ni. 2 colloq. a US five-cent coin. (nickelled, nickelling; US nickeled, nickeling) coat with nickel. nickel brass an alloy of copper, zinc, and a small amount of nickel. nickel-plated coated with nickel by plating. nickel silver = German silver. nickel steel a type of stainless steel with chromium and nickel. nickelic adj. nickelous adj.

[ abbr. of G Kupfernickel copper-coloured ore, from which nickel was first obtained, f. Kupfer copper + Nickel demon, with ref. to the ore's failure to yield copper ]

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